Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Fixing corrupted AVI indexes

Fixing corrupted AVI indexes with the free terminal tools ffmpeg or mencoder
Raspberry Pi

Wake on LAN – remotely booting a device

Tutorial about how to remotely boot up a device within your home or office network with the help of 'Wake on LAN'
FFmpeg logo

macOS: Merging MP4 video files

Tutorial about how to merge two multimedia files with the help the free terminal application 'FFmpeg'

Automatically download Tatort files with Synology

A short tutorial about how to automatically downloading 'Tatort' episode with the help of 'Download Station' on a 'Synology Diskstation'

Renaming Tatort video files with Hazel

A short tutorial about how to automatically renaming MP4 file of the famous German TV show 'Tatort' with the help of the macOS software 'Hazel' and 'AppleScript'.