Saturday, April 4, 2020
Network Travel Kit

Travel router with iPhone wireless tethering

Building a travel network kit for easily tethering you iPhone Internet connection to all of your travel devices.

Automatically download Tatort files with Synology

A short tutorial about how to automatically downloading 'Tatort' episode with the help of 'Download Station' on a 'Synology Diskstation'
Raspberry Pi

Wake on LAN – remotely booting a device

Tutorial about how to remotely boot up a device within your home or office network with the help of 'Wake on LAN'
Breaking Bad

Automatically rename TV show files with Hazel

A short tutorial about how to automatically get a neatly organized collection of TV show video files with the help of the macOS software 'Hazel' and 'JavaScript'.

Fixing corrupted AVI indexes

Fixing corrupted AVI indexes with the free terminal tools ffmpeg or mencoder