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Bangkok Skylane
Bangkok Skylane

While cycling on normal roads in Bangkok city is possible, it isn’t really recommended due to bad road conditions as well as dangerous driving habits of most traffic participants.

However, there are a few places in Bangkok that are well suited for cycling. Below you can find a short description of each place as well as the corresponding GPX file for download.

Bangkok Skylane
World-class cycling track aournd the Suvarnabhumi airport with four lanes all reserved for cyclists only. Using the cycling track is free of charge. The whole thing is sponsored by ‘Siam Commercial Bank SCB‘. One round around the airport is about 23.5 km. Excellent infrastructure with a lot of parking lots, bike shops, food stalls, 7-Eleven, toilets, first aid office, ambulance, 1.5 km running track, etc. Most athletes go on Saturday and Sunday morning between 06:00 am and 10:00 am.
NOTE: To access the cycling track you will need a access chip (called ‘Snap’). Bring your passport the first time you go to ‘Skylane’ for registration and get a free ‘Snap’. In order to buy drinks and food in the Skylane stores you will need to preload cash on your ‘Snap’. Preloading machines are available in the recreational area of Skylane. After being registered you can also use ‘SCB Snap app’ (iOS | Android) instead of the ‘Snap’ in order to access the Skylane and to buy food and drinks. Also note that you need a working backlight if you want to access the track between 06:00 and 06:30 am or after 06:00 pm.
Distance: 23.5 km Climbing: ~ 0 m Download
Airport Loop
The most interesting fact about the Airport Loop is that it actually is located – you guess it – just in front of Suvarnabhumi airport. The loop is on a public road. However, this road sees very little traffic, so it is quite safe for cycling. The loop uses to be popular with local cyclistes whenever the Skylane ist temporarly closed. The loop is completely flat, 4 km long and a good opportunity to train speed and conerning.
Distance: 4.0 km Climbing: ~ 0 m Download
Nong Bon
Nong Bon is a huge water reservoir in the east of Bangkok. Around the reservoir there is a track of exactly 4 km which can be used by walkers, runners as well as cyclists. If you add in the two salients one loop around the reservoir has a total of 7.5 km. At the official entrance (accessible from ‘Chaloen Phrakiat Rama IV Road’) there are a few food stalls as well as the bike shop ‘Happy Bike’. The owner of the bike shop is a very friendly lady. She or her mechanics will help you if you have any problems with your bike. The bike shop also offers shower facilities if you want to fresh up after a ride.
NOTE: On the opposite side of the main entrance there is also a back entrance. If you are coming from the city center this entrance is more convenient. From ‘Srinakarin Road’ pass through the famous ‘Talad Rot Fai (Train Market)’ and park your car around the golf driving range (see GPX file for details).
Distance: 4.0 km (main circuit) Climbing: ~ 0 m Download
Rama IX Park
Just next to ‘Nong Bon’ is the ‘Rama IV Park’. In this park you have the possibility to ride an inner and an outer loop. The inner loop has the form of a stadium with a circumference of about 650 meters. The outer loop with a circumference of about 2 km is a little bit curvy, but it leads you through lush gardens. ‘Rama IV Park’ is easily accessible from ‘Srinakarin Road’ as well as ‘Chaloen Phrakiat Rama IV Road’. Car parking is available on both sides.
Distance: 650 m (main circuit) Climbing: ~ 0 m Download
Benjakiti Park
One of the very few cycling possibilities right in the center of Bangkok is ‘Benjakiti Park’. There are two tracks around the huge park pond. One track for walkers/runners, and one for cyclists. One lap is nearly 2 km long. At the southern end of the park there is a rental booth for some basic bicycles. There is also a long and direct elevated path from ‘Benjakiti Park’ to ‘Lumpini Park’ that is reserved for pedestrians and cyclist (see GPX file for details).
NOTE: The park authorities of ‘Benjakiti Park’ have recently introduced a speed limit of 20 km/h for cyclists. While it is nice to have a possibility for a safe and easy-going ride in the city center, it isn’t really a place for a serious cycling training.
Distance: 2.0 km Climbing: ~ 0 m Download
Lumpini Park
Lumpini Park’ is another possibility for a safe ride in the city center of Bangkok. The track (shared with pedestrians and runners) is 2.6 km long. However, it is only allowed to cycle in the park between 10:00 am and 03:00 pm. The rest of the time is reserved for pedestrians and runners.
NOTE: There is also a speed limit of 20 km/h for cyclists. Park security will ‘hunt you down’ with motorbikes if you are speeding… 😉
Distance: 2.6 km Climbing: ~ 0 m Download
Bang Krachao
Bang Krachao is also called the ‘Green Lung’ of Bangkok. If you look at the satellite imagery of Google Maps you will understand why. The area looks like a huge island surrounded by the Chao Phraya River. The area is sparsely inhabited, and therefore there is a lot of room for green plants.
However, as there are also a lot of well paved, small roads, it is a nice place for cycling too. Download the GPX file below to see some suggested routes. But of course, you can also navigate by yourself and discover your own favorite route.
Apart from cycling there are also a few sights to discover. Worth to mention is the peaceful ‘Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park’ and the floating market ‘Ban Nam Phueng’ that takes place every Saturday and Sunday. A very nice place for a coffee break is the ‘Bangkok Tree House’. However, all over Bang Krachao there are many small coffee shops, bakeries and restaurants that are worth a stop. I also recommend to ride some of the elevated paths that lead through the swampy areas of Bang Krachao. Some suggested elevated paths are included in the GPX file.
Bang Krachao is a popular place for young Bangkokians during weekends. So during the weekends and in the morning and evening rush hours of the weekdays you have to expect quite some traffic. However, between 09:00 am and 04:00 pm during weekdays traffic is very low.
The easiest way to access Bang Krachao coming from the city center is by ferry from the Klong Toey Pier. The pier is behind Wat Klong Toey Nok. From there you can take the public ferry for THB 10 (incl. your bike). However, the ticket seller will normally try to sell you a private trip over the river in a small boat for THB 20 (incl. your bike). On the east side of Bang Krachao there is another ferry. It leaves from Bangna Pier. The ferry is much bigger than the Klong Toey ferry and also transports motorbikes. The transportation cost is also THB 10.
On Bang Krachao, on both arrival piers there are shops that rent out bicycles. They cost between THB 50 and 100 per day. However, the bicycles are very basic. Bring an identity card, a passport or some big cash for the rental deposit.
Bang Krachao can also be accessed from the south by a bridge that connects the ‘island’ with the ‘mainland’. However, as the access route has some really heavy traffic it is not really recommended to use this area with your bike.
Distance: 12.5 km (main circuit) Climbing: ~ 0 m Download
Hua Mark Velodrome
Hua Mark is a roofless velodrome. The track is made of concrete and has a length of 333 meters per lap. You can access the track free of charge from 08 am to 08 pm. It’s not required to bring a track bike (fixed gear). You can also ride with your road bike. The easiest way to get onto the track is by the underpass that is on the left-hand side of the velodrome when you stand in front of it.
NOTE 1: Various Thai cycling teams conduct their track training in Hua Mark. The trainings mostly take place in the morning hours. You can still use the track while they have their training. However, I recommend to stay out of their way (e.g. by riding on the upper part of the track) in order to not disturbing them. Furthermore you should also notice that the track is extremely slippery when it is wet. I do not recommend to ride on the track when it is not completely dry.
NOTE 2: I heard that the roofless track will soon be replaced by a new building in order to have a protected velodrome with roof. However, as of September 2018 I have not yet found the date when construction will start.
Distance: 333 m Climbing: ~ 0 m Download
Wachirabenchatat Park
The Wachirabenchatat Park is also named Suan Rod Fai (Train Park). The park is located near Chatuchak Market. There is a cycling circuit of 2.6 km within th park. However, it’s more for recreational cycling (speed limit of 20 km/h) than for serious cycling. It is also possible to rent bikes in the park.
Distance: 2.6 km Climbing: ~ 0 m Download
Chitlada Park
If you live in the area of Dusit you can use the cycling loop around ‘Chitlada Park’. The park is actually not a public park, it’s a government area with various government offices. The loop around the the area is about 3.4 km long. There are two separate tracks for cycclists and pedestrains/runners.
NOTE: There are several ramps to the government buildings that cross the cycling loop. Be cautious as government employees do not really seem to care about the right of way of cyclists.
Distance: 3.4 km Climbing: ~ 0 m Download
Makkasan Bike Track
Around the Raillink station ‘Makkasan’ there are two circuits for cycling. In total the two circuits are about 2.8 km long.
NOTE: Some parts of the cyclng track can also be accessed by cars. Be extra careful on these sections. Also be cautions when the track is wet. The painted surface can be slippery, especially in the corners.
Distance: 2.8 km Climbing: ~ 0 m Download


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